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Whiteriver Flooring

Elevate the elegance and ambiance of your indoor spaces with the exquisite Whiteriver flooring collections on display at Doherty Flooring in Dublin. Each Whiteriver design is a harmonious blend of natural beauty and engineered perfection, catering to the sophisticated taste of interior designers, discerning homeowners, and home improvement enthusiasts alike.

Explore the unparalleled quality and distinctive charm of our Whiteriver flooring ranges:

Laminate Flooring Range

12mm Mammut Range

Experience the towering strength and enduring longevity of our 12mm Mammut laminate flooring. Designed for those who value durability without compromising on style.

  • Robust & Resilient: Ideal for high-traffic areas
  • True-to-Life Design: Mimics natural wood grain textures
  • Easy Installation: Effortlessly transform any room

Robusto Range

The Robusto laminate collection matches its namesake in robustness and reliability. Revel in a floor that’s as sturdy as it is stylish.

  • Heavy Duty: Engineered for lasting wear and tear
  • Vivid Patterns: Captivating designs that enliven your space
  • Practical Maintenance: Simplified cleaning for a spotless look

Dynamic Range

Dynamic in both performance and appearance, this range offers versatile flooring solutions that adapt to every lifestyle and decor.

  • Versatile Use: Ideal for both residential and commercial settings
  • Contemporary Styles: Choose from a variety of modern designs
  • Quick Upkeep: Low-maintenance floors for a stress-free environment


Engineered Range

Forest Range

Walk through the serenity of nature with our Forest Range, where each plank tells its unique story, enhancing the authenticity of your interior.

  • Natural Hardwoods: Premium wood for a classic look
  • Stable Construction: Engineered for enhanced floor life
  • Varied Selection: Array of styles and shades to match any decor

Monolam Range

Sleek, single-strip hardwoods in our Monolam range bring a contemporary flair to your space, combined with engineered stability.

  • Chic Style: Modern, minimalist aesthetic
  • Sturdy Layers: Multi-layered depths for better stability
  • Ease of Care: Minimal fuss to maintain its luster

Heritage Range

Celebrate the time-honored elegance of the Heritage Range, showcasing traditional craftsmanship with every plank.

  • Classic Elegance: Timeless designs that enhance the warmth of your home
  • Durable Structure: Crafted for resilience and longevity
  • Authentic Finishes: Genuine wood textures and tones for an opulent feel

Prestige Range

Indulge in the luxury of the Prestige Range, where the richness of the wood and the precision of engineering come together to create the perfect foundation for upscale interiors.

  • Luxury Selection: Adds sophistication to your project
  • Superior Quality: Exquisite hardwoods for unparalleled beauty
  • Ultimate Comfort: Planks designed for underfoot pleasure

Renaissance Range

Inspired by the art and culture of the Renaissance, this range brings forth floors that are nothing short of a masterpiece.

  • Artistic Designs: Each floor, a canvas of beauty and innovation
  • High Performance: Resistant to the ebb and flow of daily life
  • Enriching Colors: Deep hues to illuminate your aesthetic vision

At Doherty Flooring, we proudly showcase the essence of Whiteriver’s commitment to beauty, durability, and craftsmanship through these exceptional flooring collections. We invite you to visit our showrooms and witness firsthand the signature allure that each Whiteriver range brings to the table. Craft your space with floors that tell a story – a reflection of your taste, a celebration of sophistication.

Enhance your project with a Whiteriver floor from Doherty Flooring and revel in the joy of a perfectly laid foundation beneath your feet.

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